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Welcome to The Jamii Collective

We’re here to help you ignite your business’s success, foster powerful connections, and propel you towards unprecedented growth and prosperity

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The Jamii Collective is for Black business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to professional growth and view collaboration as fundamental in achieving business goals.


Elevate Black entrepreneurial awareness through digital and multimedia content


Engage a growing group of Black business owners to promote collaboration and community


Empower present and future entrepreneurs through impactful coaching and educational opportunities

What can The Jamii Collective do for you?

Gain access to a collaborative space, rich resources, and a supportive environment, all focused on propelling your success as a Black business owner.

Transformative Benefits That Will Empower You

To Thrive As A Black Business Owner


Providing a unique platform where Black business owners can come together, not as competitors, but as collaborators. This unity not only amplifies individual voices but also fosters a collective strength that can drive significant change in the business landscape.


Recognizing the distinct nuances of being a Black business owner in America, we offer resources and content specifically curated to address these challenges, ensuring that members have the right tools to navigate their business journey successfully.


An environment where Black entrepreneurs can share, learn, and collaborate without reservation. It’s a space where experiences are validated, challenges are collectively addressed, and successes are celebrated, providing the support crucial for business growth.

Now, more than ever, informed and socially conscious consumers are craving to make a real and sustainable difference by shopping and supporting Black-owned businesses. We as a community need to build on that momentum, advocate for ourselves, advance our brands, and empower one another.

Three Ways We Can Work and Make Magic Together

Know 2 Grow


  • Essential hub for Black business owners that is your gateway to growth. Engage in a vibrant community where sharing experiences, asking questions, and finding inspiration are at the core. Explore resources, tools, and weekly topics tailored for your business’s journey towards success.

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